Environmental sustainability

Environment and Innovation

Our commitment to the environment, in figures.

The transformation of a sector with a high environmental impact such as B2B manufacturing does not happen in a day: vision, technology and investments are needed.



Liters Recycled drinkable water

every day


KG recycled metal

every year


nmc Purified air

every hour


KW Clean Energy Produced

every hour


It is thanks to a long path, lasting over 20 years, that the AMF Group can present itself today in a transparent and credible way as the first group able to support and encourage an eco-sustainable reconversion of manufacturing. A dream come true through the creation of a complete and integrated supply chain, which allows the total and rigorous control of each phase of the production process and has its distinctive elements in the sustainable electroplating Bluecoating and an innovative plant for sustainable painting and PVD treatments. In this way, AMF Group guarantees its customers high quality standards in full respect of the environment.

Safety of people, respect for the environment

AMF Group has equipped itself with plants and technologies able to guarantee the highest quality standards in full respect of people and the environment, through process automation that allows operators to distance themselves from chemical products.


Bluecoating is the first sustainable electroplating in the fashion industry, a concrete expression of how AMF Group understands its vision. So it is precisely the processes traditionally more harmful and dangerous for people to the environment that have become, with Bluecoating, the decisive step in the paradigm shift: a huge saving of water (reduced by 97% compared to a traditional system, thanks to the waste water recycling system) and emissions eliminated by purifiers, processes entrusted to machines to protect operators with the most effective system, in its apparent obviousness: the distance.



Consistently with its development plan, imagined and put into practice starting from the idea of sustainability as a vehicle for innovation, AMF Group has recently equipped itself with a state-of-the-art painting plant: a high-performance evaporative roto concentrator allows to eliminate solvents through thermal oxidation, decomposing them into CO2 and water vapor, completely eliminating their polluting impact and releasing clean air into the environment; the heat generated by solvent abatement generates thermal energy for processes while 150kW of photovoltaic panels generate electricity for PVD processes.



Sustainability as a founding value

Today, the AMF group is a X in the field of sustainability, but true sustainability is a moving target. Every day we work and invest to improve our impact on the planet, and we implemented a management system accordint to ISO 14001 guidelines to track our progress.