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Die-casting and hot stamping, since 1978

From idea to custom solution

Figros is a highly specialized company dedicated to the production of molds and semi-finished metal products of the highest quality produced by die casting or hot stamping. Thanks to proprietary innovations, Figros offers exceptional solutions to many sectors including fashion, design and industry. With approximately 100 specialized employees, 35 of whom are dedicated solely to mold production, each Figros customer benefits from years of experience and innovative techniques that have made highly complex components industrially producible. 


Figros makes the difference even before you get to the stamping stage. The ability to design and create moulds for all the techniques that the AMF group makes available to its customers - die-casting, forging, MIM - makes the company an absolute excellence, unique in its sector for its ability to make even products that are usually considered non-replicable industrialized.


Thanks to innovations introduced over time, an efficient quality system and qualified personnel combined with high automation, Figros has become a benchmark in the die-casting and hot stamping sector for fashion brands and beyond. Every month Figros transforms over 30,000 kg of zamak and over 20,000 kg of brass and aluminum into millions of pieces for a wide variety of sectors: luxury, high fashion, footwear, clothing, lighting, automotive, household appliances and much more. The result is, always, an extraordinary synthesis of functionality and beauty.