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The material and shape of furnishing

Engineering and durability

Design brands demand beauty, repeatability and durability. AMF Group responds to these demands through an approach that integrates all techniques, processes and surface treatments - from molding to painting, from electroplating to PVD - into an overall vision. In-house laboratories for chemical and physical analysis allow us to deliver to our customers safe and resistant products, which give added value to the design objects in which they fit.


Contemporary interior design makes the creative combination of materials one of its distinctive elements. In this context, details make the difference and the components play a decisive role. The group's ability to produce components with high aesthetic value at competitive costs is the reason why several leading companies are customers of the group, among the products


  • Lighting technology
  • Furniture
  • Housewares
  • Healthcare
  • Home appliances





We work for large companies in the design sector and we know how important it is to find the meeting point between repeatability and creativity: we carefully create every kind of surface finish, guaranteeing quality and engineering at the right price. Even the most complex decorations thus find highly reliable results, destined to last over time.